5 Latest Search Engine Optimization Techniques

5 Latest SEO Techniques:

1. Add keywords to title tag and contents

Write attractive title and content to improve your Bounce rate and Dwell time. Readability is an important part of SEO as most Google searches are from mobile devices. Make your content readable and avoid unnecessary & repeated contents. Find the exact keywords that your competitors rank and add enough instances of keywords to your content to improve your ranking. There are some secrets and tricks to get more clicks to your website and one among them is add numbers to your title and description.  Users may have a tendency to click the title with year, number etc..

2. Improve your internal links

An internal link connects a web page to a different page on the same website. Internal linking is an SEO technique commonly used for content marketing. Create lots of contents and internal pages to increase the number of internal links. Internal linking strengthens the SEO value. Use limited number and natural links to make it more understandable.

3. Don't miss alt and title tags

Alt tag is an alternative text for an image or simply the name of the image. Images are more  attractive than contents. Images encourage users to read the blogs or articles. With alt tag and title    tag, search engine spiders can easily understand the what the image is. Images  used for design  purposes should be kept in CSS and not in HTML.

4. Create back links on social network

Create social media profiles to post images, videos and articles to get more back links. Social media links may or may not improve your ranking. Sometimes traffic may come social media's.The back links created on social media's are highly trusted by google.

5. Generate structured data or schema

Schema is used to improve the way search engines read and represent your website in SERP. The items which we can include in schema are name, author, place, product, organization and more. Schema can be used with micro data and JSON-LD.


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